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Gratitude Wednesday

Gratitude Wednesday: Manifesting instantaneously


Wednesday July 06, 2016

Do you believe miracles can happen any second of the day? When I tested if anything can happen in one day this is what happened.

They say it doesn't take time for the universe to manifest into your life what you want. Yet, the majority of us see things coming into our lives often more later than sooner. Do you believe anything can happen in one day? That your whole life can change once you've managed to shift into another vibration that is in alignment with all that you want or that it's possible to manifest instantaneously? I do. 

I do believe it is possible, but if you would ask me if it ever happened to me I must admit it only happened on rare occasions. Those moments in life when I was in perfect alignment with who I am and what I wanted. That's when things turned around or showed up immediately. Therefore I believe that in theory it must possible, when you are able to change from a low vibration into a higher one, to manifest all that you want with ease. 

The reason I came up with this " everything can happen in one day " topic is because I felt quite low last week. It had been a week of short nights and that had taken its toll on my overall happiness vibe. My lower state of mind meanly reflected in my reality up to the point where I even got into a discussion with some strangers at the parking garage. That's when I started to wonder if anything really can happen in one day once you'd manage to change vibration. 

Since I felt the lowest of the lowest I decided I had only to gain and nothing to lose.  I started to fuel my brain with the positive expectation that my faith could change any second, any minute yes, any hour. I could win the lottery, get an amazing job offer or a marriage proposal even! The awesomeness was just a couple of vibrations away! The shift of vibration is where the true challenge lies. No matter how hard I have tried, I did not manage to shift my vibration from low to fantastic that day. 

From one extreme to the other is like trying to take one giant leap with really short legs. Without any practice you won't get there just out of the blue. If you are not a practiced mood changer you might be up for a failure if your expectations are too high. My expectations weren't majorly high, so I was quite content with the shift from low back to a bit normal with a small excitement twist. 

Here is the good thing about the shift in my vibration. One and half year ago I wrote down on my bucket list that I wanted to manifest free musical tickets. That thought had roamed through my mind for a while, but a couple of months later I totally forgot about it until I had diner with Ana on this "low" vibration day. Halfway through our diner the waitress came to our table to ask if we were interested in free theater tickets. A gift of someone who couldn't make the show. In response to that kind question I said no. I said no! 

There it was. The tickets I have been wanting for a while, but since I had only opened my mind to certain desires I didn't realize the universe can bring you all you want, even the things you have forgotten about. In conclusion I can state that shifting your vibration is indeed a winner and anything can indeed happen in one day just as long as you keep an open mind to the unlimited options of the universe.

Be happy,



What can happen to happiness when you let good habits go?


Wednesday June 29, 2016

Happiness is a matter of good habits. Read what happens when you lose focus on joy.

Happiness is an emotional state of well being that may of may not be present and its presence solely depends on you. Some people are natural born happiness practitioners.  We all have one or two in our own social environment. You know, those who seem to be annoyingly joyous all the time and successful in every action they take. Unfortunately for those among us who are not that naturally skilled it sometimes requires some effort. That been said, there is nothing wrong with allowing all kinds of emotions, the positive as well as the negative, flow through our minds every now and then. Just as long as you let the positive ones win the internal battle you'll be fine. 

Is a vacation break a happiness break?

That happiness is partly a matter of good habits is something I recently discovered when I went on vacation. Weeks beforehand I was ultimately trilled by even the thought of my vacation break alone. Visualizing myself dancing barefoot on the beach wearing nothing but a bikini and a summer dress while a fresh salty breeze waved through my hair was enough to keep me in a state of excitement for weeks. It was a happiness booster level 2.0! It's funny how thoughts about events are always more intense than the experience it self, because when I was actually at the destination of my dreams I felt unexpectedly normal. Despite the beauty of the surroundings I experienced no such thing as absolute trill at the beach. Feelings of tiredness caused by all the traveling maybe, or some mild irritation because of all the sand that got to places I don't prefer, but absolute happiness was conspicuous by its absence. 

Why you shouldn't let your good habits go

What was happening? How could I be at the the place where I have always wanted to be and not feel the expected exhilaration? If I didn't know any better I would almost start to think happiness and I were separated at the airport only to arrive at different destinations. You see, I am generally an optimistic person by nature. Annoyingly joyous despite the circumstances from time to time too and because of my daily practices I make sure it stays that way. Like any other person I have my ups and downs, but I deliberately focus on joy every day. You can call it my daily happiness training if you like. When I was on vacation I had totally let that practice go to the point where I no longer felt connected to my inner being and my joy. 

What do I do on a daily basis to keep my happy flow?

I then realized that for me as a person there are some things essential to maintain my happy flow. On a daily basis I need meditation to give my mind a boost towards the right direction. Without it I lose focus on the positive side of things and negativity secretly creeps in. Complaining and being easily annoyed by other people's behavior are usually signs that my mind is no longer focused on the positive aspects of life. Meditation calms your mind, connects you to your inner soul and is the perfect moment of the day to feel appreciation for all that is. Besides meditation I like to be inspired by books, articles and videos on Youtube from either Bashar, Jack Canfield, Abraham Hicks and so on. Last but not least, I like to share my happiness with all of you and being able to connect through Social Media and share my thoughts first thing every morning is very fulfilling. Never let an opportunity pass to share your happiness with others. 

Happiness is an inside job

At my dream destination I didn't do any of these things. I now learned that no matter where you are the amount joy you experience is always an inside job. If you feel great, everything around you is great. If nature didn't bless you with a 24 hours of joy package deal, make sure you get your daily doses by good practice. Happiness is created by good habits that you can learn.

Be happy,



Gratitude Wednesday: Road trips


Wednesday June 22, 2016

Road trips are the perfect summer activity. Here are #6 tips to maximize your road trip fun.

The summer is fast approaching so everyone is starting to make summer plans. One of the best activities to do in the summer is to go on a road trip with friends. I absolutely love road trips. They are the embodiment of freedom. There are people who find road trips stressful, I believe it is al about your mindset. Having an open mind and being the moment will lead to joyful trips. Road trips are not about getting from one place to the other. Road trips are about the experiences you have along the way. As long as you remember this you'll be stress free and happy. Here are a couple of things that will help you enrich your road trip experience. 

Mix tape

One of the most important aspects of road trips is the in drive entertainment. I love to pick out music that is suitable for the drive I'm on. Choose numbers that bring a smile to your face. Choose songs that make you want to belch the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Songs that keep you awake when you're feeling tiered. A good road trip mixtape will help you make lifetime memories. 


Before the digital area where you can almost always find your way by simply clicking a few buttons onto a screen people used paper maps. Yes it's really true. This ancient navigational method is still an option today and can lead to interesting yet fun adventures. So why not give it a try. Leave the gps alone and get yourself a map. The fun of unfolding a map and never getting to fold it back up the way it was is an experience worth a laugh or two. The paper map is also very mindfulness, because there isn't a voice telling you to turn right in a 100 meters, you’ll actually have to pay attention to your surroundings. This will help you connect and be in the moment. 

Lost in translation 

If you do get lost, don't worry be adventures! One of the biggest grievances when it comes to road trips is the getting lost part. Do you stop and ask for help? Do you make a U-turn? Do you give up in frustration because you have no idea where you are? No!!! You do the opposite. You let the universe guide you and trust you will be fine. I once ended up high in the mountains in the middle of nowhere stuck between cows crossing the tiny dirt road. All I could do was wait and smile like crazy ever time a cow said moo. It was an experience I will never forget. Trust in the saying all roads lead to Rome, one of these roads will lead you back to where you want to go. In the meantime enjoy the ride. 

Packed snacks vs pre planned coffee breaks

When it comes to eating while on the road loads of people seem to get stressed out on what to bring or do. In my opinion there are two good options otherwise you'll be stuck eating horrible gas station food. 

Option one; the onboard picnic. 

Pack a basket with food and drinks you would take on a picnic. Tiny sandwiches, fruits and salads. Some pieces of candy, summer drinks and a thermos can filled with hot coffee. Picnic food is very suitable to eat on the road. You’ll have hand size and easy to eat meals. This leaves you two options; snacking while driving or stopping along the way and enjoying a lovely picnic while taking the must needed break from driving.

Option two; pre planned coffee break.

The second option is to do some research beforehand. If you have a planned route you can look up places where you can stop for a coffee break. Use trip advisor or other sites to help you decide where you'll be eating before you continue your trip. 

Car pimping

Let's be honest not all cars are comfortable. On the contrary, even in the most comfortable cars sitting for hours on end in one spot will make your body ache. The interior of the car doesn't help ether. You start to feel restless after a while and once your bum falls a sleep it's time for a break.   Transforming your dull car into a shabby chic comfortable space will lead to more enjoyable road trips. Throw a few pillows, flowers and blankets in there and transform your car into a tiny lounge room you want to hang out in. 

Dress for the part. 

You can wear your sweatpants for comfort but you can also pick out an outfit that makes you shine. Playing dress up isn't just for kids and theme parties. Choose a style that makes you smile. Be someone else for a couple of hours; the French poet, the hippy, the 50s movie star. You and your friends will have tons of pre road trip fun coming up with crazy outfits to wear and these outfits will add to your road trip experience. The looks alone you get when you and your friends step out of the car dressed as Hollywood glamour will leave you smiling. 

With love, Ana


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Gratitude Wednesday: Smile power day


Wednesday June 15, 2016

Today is smile power day

Today is smile power day. It is your chance to show off your pearly whites with a cheesy Colgate smile. The power of a smile is unbelievable and should be used and celebrated daily. Besides smiling at everyone I see today here is how I am trying to add smiles to a few inhabitants of Thailand. 

As promised I would keep you all updated on my travel mileages this year. Remember this year I will donate 0,01 cent for every kilometer I travel abroad. This weekend I will be adding a few more kilometers to my total.  Can you guess where I am off to? Let me give you one hint. This weekend I will be taking pictures posing with my hands up preventing this famous building from tumbling over. Have you guessed it yet? Yes I am off to Pisa, Italy. I'm very excited for my city trip. My trip will also add 2066 kilometers to my grand total. Making my new total stand at 7590 kilometers. 

An elephant never forgets. 

Why am I letting my travel mileages decide how much money I will donate to ElephantsWorld? I want to give back to Mother Earth and this to me seems a good way to start. Elephants like many other creatures on our planet need love and respect. There is a funny old Dutch commercial that hits the nail right on the head. This commercial for candy shows a little boy taunting a young elephant with his last piece of candy. Years later the elephant gets his revenge on the now grown boy. This is an entertaining commercial and very much true. Elephants have a great memory. Treat an elephant badly and he or she will remember it for years to come. They remember their pain and fears from years ago. At ElephantsWorld they have the chance to make new happy memories and in their way smile again. With every happy memory I make traveling I try to add to these elephants making their own positive ones. 

The importance of making others smile.

Happiness is best when shared so do your part and help the earth smile! It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you try. You can do the same as me and donate money to the charity of your choosing. Donate a specific sum or make it fun and for every kilometer you travel add that to your total. Volunteer, help feed the homeless. Hug your old granny and spend some time with her. Help your neighbor with the groceries. Or just smile at everyone you see today. Just do something. Together we can make the world laugh! 

To add a smile to the world here is the commercial I was talking about.

With a loving smile, Ana 

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