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Sunday Chill: What to gain with being mindfulness?


 Ana    Sunday June 12, 2016

Mindfulness. I stare at my food. I stare at my phone and then out of the blue I decide to do it. I put the phone away. From this moment on my meals will be consumed with my fullest attention. What follows after "the decision" are a couple of highly uncomfortable minutes. I am so used to having dinner with distractions that focusing solely on my food seems to be an activity I am unfamiliar with. I look at my cat for some support but she judgmentally stares back with her green/yellowish eyes as if she wants to say “don’t look at me, I am always mindfulness!"


Sometimes I do believe I am the most mind-un-fulness person around. Being so inseparable with my phone that we would almost make the perfect couple. She is the first thing I touch in the morning, and the last thing I hold at night. On top of that, I think I would be in a greater shock if I would lose my phone than if I would lose my wallet. I see many people having the exact same intimate relationship with their phone. I wouldn't be surprised if phone-snuggling would make it as 2016's word of the year.

Connect to the present moments

The problem with multi-tasking is that we lose connection to life's most precious moments. We hear but don't listen, we see but don't register it, we eat but don't taste.  It's life beyond just passing us by. It's a life that never let us be present in this moment with our fullest attention. That's the reason I would like to disconnect myself from these kinds of habits. I have the feeling I am always somewhere else but here.

The online life is not realistic

I believe that the digital world is an unrealistic representation of real life. It locks the mind in an inside the box thinking mode because it make us draw conclusions based on the things we observe. On the Internet we merely see moments of the lives of the people around us that make us consciously or subconsciously believe we know everything about them. I sometimes feel like a legit stalker observing all my friends and acquaintances on social media while I catch myself thinking “wow girlfriend X has the most fantastic online-life, she must be so carefree"" But heck, what do I know about her life? I am just the observer! The world we see and the world we actually live in are miles apart but, we often prefer to look at the outside of other people's lives instead of actually living our own.

What to gain with being mindfulness?

What would I gain if I would stop multi tasking and start doing things with my fullest attention? I think that I will be able to use my senses the way they were meant to be used again. That's for sure. On top of that I can quiet my mind and get rid of all the clutter by just being present in the moment. I can intensify my relationships with all my loved ones and enjoy conversations on a deeper level. Or maybe, it's just my way to keep things simple and to protest against a society ruled by electrical devices. If I could give some advice to my future self I would advise her to keep the electronically independence so no robot will ever have to assist her whipping her butt or doing other simple tasks!

Be happy,