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Gratitude Wednesday: Smile power day

Today is smile power day

Today is smile power day. It is your chance to show off your pearly whites with a cheesy Colgate smile. The power of a smile is unbelievable and should be used and celebrated daily. Besides smiling at everyone I see today here is how I am trying to add smiles to a few inhabitants of Thailand. 

As promised I would keep you all updated on my travel mileages this year. Remember this year I will donate 0,01 cent for every kilometer I travel abroad. This weekend I will be adding a few more kilometers to my total.  Can you guess where I am off to? Let me give you one hint. This weekend I will be taking pictures posing with my hands up preventing this famous building from tumbling over. Have you guessed it yet? Yes I am off to Pisa, Italy. I'm very excited for my city trip. My trip will also add 2066 kilometers to my grand total. Making my new total stand at 7590 kilometers. 

An elephant never forgets. 

Why am I letting my travel mileages decide how much money I will donate to ElephantsWorld? I want to give back to Mother Earth and this to me seems a good way to start. Elephants like many other creatures on our planet need love and respect. There is a funny old Dutch commercial that hits the nail right on the head. This commercial for candy shows a little boy taunting a young elephant with his last piece of candy. Years later the elephant gets his revenge on the now grown boy. This is an entertaining commercial and very much true. Elephants have a great memory. Treat an elephant badly and he or she will remember it for years to come. They remember their pain and fears from years ago. At ElephantsWorld they have the chance to make new happy memories and in their way smile again. With every happy memory I make traveling I try to add to these elephants making their own positive ones. 

The importance of making others smile.

Happiness is best when shared so do your part and help the earth smile! It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you try. You can do the same as me and donate money to the charity of your choosing. Donate a specific sum or make it fun and for every kilometer you travel add that to your total. Volunteer, help feed the homeless. Hug your old granny and spend some time with her. Help your neighbor with the groceries. Or just smile at everyone you see today. Just do something. Together we can make the world laugh! 

To add a smile to the world here is the commercial I was talking about.

With a loving smile, Ana 

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