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MonJoy: The tree of dreams

How to make your dreams reality.

 Ana    Monday May 30, 2016
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Just a block away from where I work there is house with a magnificent blossom tree in the front yard. In the spring this tree blooms with all its glory. Lovely white and pink blossoms greet me every time I walk by. I call her the tree of dreams because this tree looks like she is from a faraway fairytale land. Yes in my imagination this tree is a lady, I'm weird like that. In the springtime whenever I have the chance I pass by the house and stare at this majestic tree. The house owners must think I'm a stalker of some sort. One day I too will have a house with a great big blossom tree. How do I make my dream become reality? By planting a seed of course. 

How to make your dreams reality.  

For some dreaming of the tree will be enough but for others making this dream reality is what makes them really happy. I love daydreaming, but the feeling of achieving my dreams is worth more to me. How do you make dreams come true? In the case of the blossom tree I literally planted a seed in my garden. Now I have a tiny blossom tree in my garden. It is small and doesn't have as many blossoms to greet me in the spring, yet every time I look at my mini-tree-lady I cannot help but smile with contentment. If you want something plant the seed and wait for it to grow. Ask the universe for it; believe that the universe will provide you with what you wish for. Believe with all your heart and wait for your dreams to come true. This doesn't mean you cannot help your seed grow. Give it water, protect it from harsh weather and make sure it is positioned right as to get enough sun. With other words, set a goal, make a plan, work for it and enjoy the ride. It may take years to grow but eventually if you have the patience and belief your dreams will come true. 

Why dreams sometimes don't come true

Three reasons why dreams don't come true.

First of all, who said your seed died? It could still grow to become a great big blossom tree. You need more patience and faith! Do not give up on your dream because it isn't happening fast enough for you. 

Secondly if a dream doesn't become reality it wasn't meant to be. The universe has other plans for you, other dreams to make you happy with and this one just wasn't the right one. Be grateful for what you have learned. The soil is fruitful and you aren't afraid of a little hard work, it is just not the right seed. Do an inventory and reanalyze your dream. Readjust and find the right seed that will lead you to happiness. 

In the third situation you have planted the right seed and you have waited patiently but you have also neglected to forget you are the gardener. The duties of a gardener are to take care of the growing plant. If someone hands you an opportunity to make your plant grow faster don't let that opportunity pass you by. Recheck your gardening skills, put a little work into it and eventually the universe will provide.

Now it is your time to put on your garnering gloves and go to work. What do you dream of? What do what to ask the universe for? Take matters into your own hands and start planting your seeds.


Happy gardening and with love, Ana

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