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Sunday Chill: Simplify your life

Follow Ilona's journey on simplifing life.

 Ana    Sunday June 26, 2016

On my quest for a simple life I accidentally gave in to a minor shopping spree. Mainly because Spring-fashion kept screaming my name on the top of her flowery lungs. My conscious mind responded with the conclusion there were indeed some necessities that should not be overlooked, while she ignored my subconscious mind's protests at the same time. After that minor slip I came to the conclusion that simplifying your life is more than just banning shopping out of my life. It's a set of rules each individual defines for him- or herself to make life less complicated, less stressful and therefore more comfortable to create feelings of calmness and harmony within. Personally, my life would be much easier if I would stop overthinking. A reason to lock down my mind and give into the urge, this time.  

Simplifying on different levels

When living in a world that is always on a fast pace, a minimalistic lifestyle can be bliss. It's finding your quietness within the noise. There are many ways to simplify your life. My decision to cut back my expenses wasn't the first step I took towards minimalism. The process started a few years back when I broke off friendships that didn't serve me any longer. I am not a person that will let go easily, but we had reached a point where there was nothing to hold on to. Every time we'd met negative energy filled the silent space between our conversations.

Letting go of things that lost their meaning

I then learned that some people are just meant to cross my path for a shorter while. Each of them has meaning, positive or negative, leaving a mark on my soul. When it's time to say goodbyes I thank them regardless and just let them pass on to the next destination in their journey while I continue on mine. Feeling much lighter to continue without that weight pressing on my shoulders. If you aim for a simpler lifestyle make sure your social life also fits that easy flow. 

Decluttering your life

My social life is not the only thing I decluttered. The past month I got rid off stuff in my home that has lost its purpose in my life. I have been donating it to charity or simply just tossed it away. To me it feels like emptying a backpack that has been overloaded with memories -which I can't toss away- and possessions - which I can toss away- gathered over life time. Now that the overweight is gone there is room for new experiences, things and more life enriching memories. 



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