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MonJoy: Breaking routine part two

How do you change your bad habits? Here is an examble how to use the four stepz needed to create a new habit.

 Ana    Monday June 20, 2016

The last couple of months I talked a lot about breaking routines, changing patterns and making the change needed for you to be happy with the way your life is going. Like many out there I too have some very annoying bad habits I need to break. I figured practice what you preach so I too am trying to break my routine. Using the four steps I mentioned in my last article I will do my very best to break my bad habit and reach my end goal. I am sharing my experience with you in the hope it will inspire you to break your bad habits. 

Step 1: The eagle eye view

I have been in a slum lately when it comes to exercising. I haven't hit the gym as much as I want and I end up dropping on the couch every time I get home after work. Once I'm on the couch I become one with the damn thing. My energy level just gets sucked into the couch and I feel more tired than I should. My low energy leads me to do less than I want, which leads me to be lazy and feeling depressed and irritated with myself. One bad habit turns into many more that is why it needs to be broken! I really want to get healthy and exercise more. Therefor I want to break the potato coach habit. 

Step 2: The end goal

My end goal is to have more energy and feel those happy endorphins buzzing through my healthy body. To keep myself motivated I keep reminding myself that in a few months I need all the energy I can muster. In September I am off to Peru. There I'm planning to be walking a lot and doing some serious hiking on high altitudes. I want to make sure I have the stamina to do everything I have planned. My end goal is to hike three to four hours non stop without fainting from exhaustion. This means I need energy and a healthy endurance. I am making a motivation board with all these things as a mental reminder. 

Step 3: The effortless routine

One of my problems is once I get home and the coach sees me it starts calling my name. The more I try to ignore him the harder the couch starts to yell. Ana I miss you. Ana come here. Ana just come and sit for a moment, just one second, what's wrong with chilling for a moment... I always concede. To avoid the couch I'm taking my gym clothes with me to work and I head straight to the gym after I'm done. Lately I also have been enjoying walking along the beach and dunes. If I don't feel like going to the gym, hiking through the sandy dunes is a good alternative and good practice. I'm making sure I exercise at least three to four days a week but the most important thing about my new routine is that I avoid the couch as long as possible. 

Step 4: The forward motivation

Keep moving forward is a motto I've had for a long time. Every morning I remind myself of my goal by simple repeating my mantra. I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Little things keep me motivated. My new hiking shoes, finding wildlife at the beach and Writing this article is also helpful. On days the couch does win, I stay positive and remember that tomorrow is a new day. 

This is my story on how I'm trying to break bad habits and create healthy new ones. You have your own story to tell. Your own path to create, I hope mine inspires and helps you along. Remember the four steps and believe in yourself. 

With love, Ana 

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