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Gratitude Wednesday: Road trips

Road trips are the perfect summer activity. Here are #6 tips to maximize your road trip fun.

 Ana    Wednesday June 22, 2016

The summer is fast approaching so everyone is starting to make summer plans. One of the best activities to do in the summer is to go on a road trip with friends. I absolutely love road trips. They are the embodiment of freedom. There are people who find road trips stressful, I believe it is al about your mindset. Having an open mind and being the moment will lead to joyful trips. Road trips are not about getting from one place to the other. Road trips are about the experiences you have along the way. As long as you remember this you'll be stress free and happy. Here are a couple of things that will help you enrich your road trip experience. 

Mix tape

One of the most important aspects of road trips is the in drive entertainment. I love to pick out music that is suitable for the drive I'm on. Choose numbers that bring a smile to your face. Choose songs that make you want to belch the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Songs that keep you awake when you're feeling tiered. A good road trip mixtape will help you make lifetime memories. 


Before the digital area where you can almost always find your way by simply clicking a few buttons onto a screen people used paper maps. Yes it's really true. This ancient navigational method is still an option today and can lead to interesting yet fun adventures. So why not give it a try. Leave the gps alone and get yourself a map. The fun of unfolding a map and never getting to fold it back up the way it was is an experience worth a laugh or two. The paper map is also very mindfulness, because there isn't a voice telling you to turn right in a 100 meters, you’ll actually have to pay attention to your surroundings. This will help you connect and be in the moment. 

Lost in translation 

If you do get lost, don't worry be adventures! One of the biggest grievances when it comes to road trips is the getting lost part. Do you stop and ask for help? Do you make a U-turn? Do you give up in frustration because you have no idea where you are? No!!! You do the opposite. You let the universe guide you and trust you will be fine. I once ended up high in the mountains in the middle of nowhere stuck between cows crossing the tiny dirt road. All I could do was wait and smile like crazy ever time a cow said moo. It was an experience I will never forget. Trust in the saying all roads lead to Rome, one of these roads will lead you back to where you want to go. In the meantime enjoy the ride. 

Packed snacks vs pre planned coffee breaks

When it comes to eating while on the road loads of people seem to get stressed out on what to bring or do. In my opinion there are two good options otherwise you'll be stuck eating horrible gas station food. 

Option one; the onboard picnic. 

Pack a basket with food and drinks you would take on a picnic. Tiny sandwiches, fruits and salads. Some pieces of candy, summer drinks and a thermos can filled with hot coffee. Picnic food is very suitable to eat on the road. You’ll have hand size and easy to eat meals. This leaves you two options; snacking while driving or stopping along the way and enjoying a lovely picnic while taking the must needed break from driving.

Option two; pre planned coffee break.

The second option is to do some research beforehand. If you have a planned route you can look up places where you can stop for a coffee break. Use trip advisor or other sites to help you decide where you'll be eating before you continue your trip. 

Car pimping

Let's be honest not all cars are comfortable. On the contrary, even in the most comfortable cars sitting for hours on end in one spot will make your body ache. The interior of the car doesn't help ether. You start to feel restless after a while and once your bum falls a sleep it's time for a break.   Transforming your dull car into a shabby chic comfortable space will lead to more enjoyable road trips. Throw a few pillows, flowers and blankets in there and transform your car into a tiny lounge room you want to hang out in. 

Dress for the part. 

You can wear your sweatpants for comfort but you can also pick out an outfit that makes you shine. Playing dress up isn't just for kids and theme parties. Choose a style that makes you smile. Be someone else for a couple of hours; the French poet, the hippy, the 50s movie star. You and your friends will have tons of pre road trip fun coming up with crazy outfits to wear and these outfits will add to your road trip experience. The looks alone you get when you and your friends step out of the car dressed as Hollywood glamour will leave you smiling. 

With love, Ana


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