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What can happen to happiness when you let good habits go?

Happiness is a matter of good habits. Read what happens when you lose focus on joy.

 Ilona    Wednesday June 29, 2016

Happiness is an emotional state of well being that may of may not be present and its presence solely depends on you. Some people are natural born happiness practitioners.  We all have one or two in our own social environment. You know, those who seem to be annoyingly joyous all the time and successful in every action they take. Unfortunately for those among us who are not that naturally skilled it sometimes requires some effort. That been said, there is nothing wrong with allowing all kinds of emotions, the positive as well as the negative, flow through our minds every now and then. Just as long as you let the positive ones win the internal battle you'll be fine. 

Is a vacation break a happiness break?

That happiness is partly a matter of good habits is something I recently discovered when I went on vacation. Weeks beforehand I was ultimately trilled by even the thought of my vacation break alone. Visualizing myself dancing barefoot on the beach wearing nothing but a bikini and a summer dress while a fresh salty breeze waved through my hair was enough to keep me in a state of excitement for weeks. It was a happiness booster level 2.0! It's funny how thoughts about events are always more intense than the experience it self, because when I was actually at the destination of my dreams I felt unexpectedly normal. Despite the beauty of the surroundings I experienced no such thing as absolute trill at the beach. Feelings of tiredness caused by all the traveling maybe, or some mild irritation because of all the sand that got to places I don't prefer, but absolute happiness was conspicuous by its absence. 

Why you shouldn't let your good habits go

What was happening? How could I be at the the place where I have always wanted to be and not feel the expected exhilaration? If I didn't know any better I would almost start to think happiness and I were separated at the airport only to arrive at different destinations. You see, I am generally an optimistic person by nature. Annoyingly joyous despite the circumstances from time to time too and because of my daily practices I make sure it stays that way. Like any other person I have my ups and downs, but I deliberately focus on joy every day. You can call it my daily happiness training if you like. When I was on vacation I had totally let that practice go to the point where I no longer felt connected to my inner being and my joy. 

What do I do on a daily basis to keep my happy flow?

I then realized that for me as a person there are some things essential to maintain my happy flow. On a daily basis I need meditation to give my mind a boost towards the right direction. Without it I lose focus on the positive side of things and negativity secretly creeps in. Complaining and being easily annoyed by other people's behavior are usually signs that my mind is no longer focused on the positive aspects of life. Meditation calms your mind, connects you to your inner soul and is the perfect moment of the day to feel appreciation for all that is. Besides meditation I like to be inspired by books, articles and videos on Youtube from either Bashar, Jack Canfield, Abraham Hicks and so on. Last but not least, I like to share my happiness with all of you and being able to connect through Social Media and share my thoughts first thing every morning is very fulfilling. Never let an opportunity pass to share your happiness with others. 

Happiness is an inside job

At my dream destination I didn't do any of these things. I now learned that no matter where you are the amount joy you experience is always an inside job. If you feel great, everything around you is great. If nature didn't bless you with a 24 hours of joy package deal, make sure you get your daily doses by good practice. Happiness is created by good habits that you can learn.

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