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Gratitude Wednesday: Manifesting instantaneously

Do you believe miracles can happen any second of the day? When I tested if anything can happen in one day this is what happened.

 Ilona    Wednesday July 06, 2016

They say it doesn't take time for the universe to manifest into your life what you want. Yet, the majority of us see things coming into our lives often more later than sooner. Do you believe anything can happen in one day? That your whole life can change once you've managed to shift into another vibration that is in alignment with all that you want or that it's possible to manifest instantaneously? I do. 

I do believe it is possible, but if you would ask me if it ever happened to me I must admit it only happened on rare occasions. Those moments in life when I was in perfect alignment with who I am and what I wanted. That's when things turned around or showed up immediately. Therefore I believe that in theory it must possible, when you are able to change from a low vibration into a higher one, to manifest all that you want with ease. 

The reason I came up with this " everything can happen in one day " topic is because I felt quite low last week. It had been a week of short nights and that had taken its toll on my overall happiness vibe. My lower state of mind meanly reflected in my reality up to the point where I even got into a discussion with some strangers at the parking garage. That's when I started to wonder if anything really can happen in one day once you'd manage to change vibration. 

Since I felt the lowest of the lowest I decided I had only to gain and nothing to lose.  I started to fuel my brain with the positive expectation that my faith could change any second, any minute yes, any hour. I could win the lottery, get an amazing job offer or a marriage proposal even! The awesomeness was just a couple of vibrations away! The shift of vibration is where the true challenge lies. No matter how hard I have tried, I did not manage to shift my vibration from low to fantastic that day. 

From one extreme to the other is like trying to take one giant leap with really short legs. Without any practice you won't get there just out of the blue. If you are not a practiced mood changer you might be up for a failure if your expectations are too high. My expectations weren't majorly high, so I was quite content with the shift from low back to a bit normal with a small excitement twist. 

Here is the good thing about the shift in my vibration. One and half year ago I wrote down on my bucket list that I wanted to manifest free musical tickets. That thought had roamed through my mind for a while, but a couple of months later I totally forgot about it until I had diner with Ana on this "low" vibration day. Halfway through our diner the waitress came to our table to ask if we were interested in free theater tickets. A gift of someone who couldn't make the show. In response to that kind question I said no. I said no! 

There it was. The tickets I have been wanting for a while, but since I had only opened my mind to certain desires I didn't realize the universe can bring you all you want, even the things you have forgotten about. In conclusion I can state that shifting your vibration is indeed a winner and anything can indeed happen in one day just as long as you keep an open mind to the unlimited options of the universe.

Be happy,




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